Заседание No. 18, The sub-Riemnanian objects: from geodesics to minimal surfaces

Докладчик: Xiaoping Yang (Нанкинский университет науки и технологии, Нанкин, Китай)
Дата: 9 сентября 2014
Время: 14:00
Место: зал ученого совета ИПС
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Sub-Riemannian manifolds have strong backgrounds in control theory, mathematical physics and other sciences and have been a subject of intensive studies in the last decades. In this talk, first we will introduce some results re-lated to sub-Riemannian geodesics. Then we will discuss some properties of solutions to H-elliptic equations and talk about some recent results including asymptotic mean value formulae and, growth and some estimates on nodal sets and singular sets of H-harmonic functions. Finally we will give a few facts of minimal surfaces.