Заседание No. 14, Local nilpotentizability of vector distributions. The case study of car+trailers' kinematical systems

Докладчик: Piotr Mormul (University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland)
Дата: 20 июня 2014
Время: 13:00
Место: зал ученого совета ИПС

Доклад будет на русском языке и осветит следующие вопросы:

  • Integrable and nonintegrable distributions.
  • Completely nonholonomic distributions.
  • Nilpotent bases of generators of distributions - rare and precious. Sufficient condition for the local nilpotentizability of a distribution.
  • Car+trailers' systems and their [slow] motion planning.
  • Question whether they are locally nilpotentizable.
  • Those systems are Goursat; Kumpera-Ruiz (K-R) coordinates for them.
  • Are all Goursat distributions locally nilpotentizable?
  • Jean's stratification for car+trailers' vis a vis K-R stratification for Goursat distributions as such.
  • K-R coordinates effectively produce nilpotent bases.
  • The nilpotency orders of the resulting real nilpotent Lie algebras.
  • Another kinematical model: car with two off-hooked trailers. Is it locally nilpotentizable?