Экстремальные траектории сферического робота на неоднородных поверхностях

We consider a kinematic model of a spherical robot on an inhomogeneous surface. We study a problem of the optimal motion of the robot from a given initial configuration to a given final one. The problem is formulated as the problem of optimal rolling of a sphere on a plane with a given external cost. The external cost describes the landscape and encodes the inhomogeneity of the surface. We apply a necessary optimality condition — Pontryagin maximum principle, and characterize the extremals. Finally, we present an example of the rolling along the extremal trajectory, obtained via an interface developed in Wolfram Mathematica.

Proceedings: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9666107

Автор: Alexey Mashtakov
Дата: 27 августа, 2021

The Second International Conference «Nonlinearity, Information and Robotics»,
Innopolis, Russia

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