Workshop on Geometrical Models in Vision

Дата: 22 октября - 24 октября 2014

Paris, Institut Henri Poincaré


G. Citti (University of Bologna), J.P. Gauthier (Université du Sud Toulon-Var), J. Petitot (CAMS, EHESS), A. Sarti (CAMS, EHESS), F. C. Chittaro (Université du Sud Toulon-Var)

The workshop will focus on geometrical models of visual perception, image analysis and neural architectures of the visual cortex. The hypercolumnar structure of the visual cortex can be modeled as a contact structure with a sub-Riemannian metric. Instruments of differential geometry, geometrical analysis, control theory allow to model the propagation of the cortical activity and justify on this neural basis the main phenomena of visual perception as boundary-image completion. Recent results in this direction will be presented, including applications to image processing.