International Workshop on Geometry, PDE’s and Lie Groups in Image Analysis

Date: 24th August - 26th September 2016

TU/e, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Remco Duits, Andrea Fuster, Yuri Sachkov & Erik Bekkers

The synergy and interaction between the mathematical fields of Geometric Control, Partial Differential Equations, Lie group Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Variational Methods and the applied fields of Image Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Neurogeometry and Neuroimaging is developing rather strongly over the past few decades, and has attracted many researchers. This International workshop aims to further facilitate the fruitful interaction and consists of 3 sessions:
• Geometry and Control in Vision (chair: Yuri Sachkov)
• Lie Group Analysis and PDE’s in Image Analysis (chairs: Remco Duits & Erik Bekkers)
• Differential Geometry in Neuro-imaging (chair: Andrea Fuster)